To all at the Hatchlings Nursery!
Thank you for all you have done for me! I have loved coming to Hatchlings and will miss you all lots.

Lots of love from Liam F.

To all my teachers at Hatchlings
Thank you all so much for looking after me and doing such a good job. Thanks to you all, I am growing up to be a very clever, confident little boy. I am going to miss you all so much when I go to big boy school, but I will remember you all along the way.

Lots of love Joseph J.

To everyone at Hatchlings who have taught me
Thank you for looking after me and teaching me lots of things like my ABC and nursery rhymes and helped me to develop my speaking and helping me potty train. I will miss you and I know my new playschool won’t be as good as Hatchlings.

Thanks again from Mason T.

To everyone at The Hatchlings
Just a quick note, on Abbie's last day, to say thank you for caring for her over the past two years.
Abbie has thrived whilst attending nursery and she loves coming every single time. She sees nursery as an-extended family and many a time I am informed at the weekend whilst shopping that Miss Vaughan needs Marmite and that Miss Broad says she likes that, 'So shall we get her some!?'
Abbie and Ben both loved coming to Hatchlings and as a parents, I know Abbie is very ready for school as was Ben when he left 2 years ago.
So thank you again from the bottom of my heart for looking after and teaching my children so wonderfully. I’ll miss you guys too!

Love from Abbie, Ben and Claire Fernandez.

To all the teachers at Hatchlings
Thank you for all your kind support and care for Lizzie and Alex over the last 4 years. We have greatly appreciated it. They will both miss you. We wish you all well for the future.

From Erin and Mike Pollitt

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