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Your child may start at Worting Road at the age of 2. (We have nappy changing facilities at Worting Road).  (A minimum of three core sessions are required).

Your child may start at Anstey Close at the age of 2 (if they are ready). Please discuss with the Manager if your child is not out of nappies, as our changing facilities are limited.   (A minimum of three core sessions are required). Spaces for 2 year olds are limited.

The Government Nursery Grant covers 15 hours a week, up to 570 hours a year, 38 weeks a year, during Hampshire school terms only. The Grant is available for all children, starting the term after they have turned three (this also applies to the change in fees). Please also be aware that the Government only funds 10 hours when over 1 day. If sessions are spread over 2 or more days, the funding will be 15 hours a week.

If any other person than a parent / carer is collecting your child we MUST be informed who that person is, before collection, we will need a password and preferably a photo of the person.

In the event of your child leaving the nursery, or a reduction in the number of sessions attended, one month's notice must be given in writing.

Children who are ill / sick (for whatever reason) should not be brought to nursery.  The Nursery reserves the right to refuse admission, if the child is deemed to be ill. 48 hours must pass from the first time of taking medication (to check there is no allergic reaction) and after the last time of being sick, before returning to nursery; this is Environmental Health advice. We can only give medication to your child if it has been prescribed by a Doctor or pharmacist.

Parents should be aware that we are obliged to inform Social Services of any concern we may have that a child may be at risk or has been abused. The safety of our children may include a duty to share confidential information with others involved in safeguarding and protecting children.

The Nursery also reserves the right to apply for funding (for extra staff or special equipment) for children who may need it. Parents agree to support such an application if it is deemed by the nursery to be necessary.

Nursery Policies and the last Ofsted (03001231231) report are available at the nursery. The report is also on Ofsted’s and our website. I understand that the Government Grant is not available for my child until the term after his / her 3rd birthday. Some 2 year olds may be eligible for a similar grant; Please ask.

All days off, either through holiday or sickness must be paid for.

If the nurseries have to be closed due to an emergency; e.g. severe weather conditions, power failure or flooding etc. our staff still have to be paid and therefore NO refunds will be made. This also includes any additional Bank Holidays announced by the Government: NO refunds will be made.

All fees are payable, Monthly for Worting Road and Half Termly at Anstey Close, in advance by Cheques, Cash, Bank Transfers, Standing Orders or some Voucher Schemes, on the date specified.  Cheques payable to "The Hatchlings Nursery School Ltd". A charge of £5.00 for every day payment is late, will be made.  Late payment could result in your child losing his / her place. Requests for copies / changes of invoices or registration forms etc. will be charged for.

Late collection of your child will result in an additional charge, i.e. £5.00 for each quarter of an hour late, chargeable after the first five minutes on the nursery clock. It may be distressing to your child if other children are collected and he/she is left behind, so please be punctual.

All clothing, bags and shoes etc. must be clearly marked with your child's name.  Please provide your child with a pair of indoor shoes.

The nursery accepts no responsibility for the food provided by the parents for

children. We do not have the facilities to refrigerate the lunches.  Please do not include any high-risk foods. It is recommended that you include an ice pack with the lunch.

I give permission:

…..for the named qualified first aider(s) at The Hatchlings to administer first aid (and apply a plaster if necessary) or seek medical attention in medical emergencies for my child,allowing staff to take their child to the nearest Accident and Emergency unit to be examined, treated or admitted as necessary on the understanding that parents have been informed and are on their way to the hospital. Please provide sun cream for your child with his / her name clearly marked.

...…for the staff at The Hatchlings Nursery Schoolto take my child for walks to the park and surrounding areas.

…..for students and members of staff, working at the Hatchlings, to undertake written observations and take photographic evidence of my child whilst attending the nursery.  I understand that these observations and photographs are available for me to see upon request, at a mutually convenient time.  These are used confidentially between the staff at the Hatchlings, the students and their tutors at College.  The children who are observed and photographed are not named. I also agree that photographs of my child may be used on a) the Hatchlings Web Site, b) the school slide show computer and c) the school leavers photo CD (a copy of which is a gift to parents when their child leaves to go to school).

…..for the teaching staff at the Hatchlingsto talk to my child’s future school.


I understand that if my child attends another OFSTED REGISTERED setting (e.g. playgroup, school, grandparent or child minder) while attending The Hatchlings, The Hatchlings Nursery is required, by law (an EYFS requirement), to liaise with the other provider / carer / parent to share the Learning and Development of my child.

My child also attends the following OFSTED registered providers (delete if not applicable):-


Name: ………………………………………………….……………Status:………....................................................


Telephone:…………………………………………………….Ofsted Number:……………………………………..

OR: My Child DOES NOT attend another Ofsted registered provider (delete if not applicable):-

Please sign below to give your consent that we may share this information with them, or to confirm that there are no other registered providers.

From September 2012 the Early Years Foundation Stage was changed and split into two areas;

The “Prime” area:                                                        The “Specific” area:

Communication and Language                                             Literacy

Physical Development                                                             Mathematics

Personal, Social and Emotional Development                        Understanding the World                                                                                                                     Expressive arts and design

Under these new changes there have been statutory requirements put in place regarding the Providers (us) role and the Parents / carers (you) role. Part of this requirement is for Providers to compile a developmental report for children between the age of 2 years and 3 years. This will be shared with parents and enable them to contribute to the report and you will be asked to sign this. As an ongoing assessment of your child’s progress we shall require parent’s participation, every term, to fill out the Individual Planning Form for your child. This will give you the opportunity to share your Child’s interests and achievements at home.       

These changes are fostering the “Unique Child” and working with the next steps to support and extend their individual learning and development.



I declare that the Early Years Foundation stage Progress Check undertaken by The Hatchlings Nursery School can be shared with the Health Visiting Service; other settings (if my child attends another setting now or in the future); and Hampshire County Council’s Children’s Services, where appropriate.

Data Protection

I understand that the information recorded for the Early Years Foundation stage Progress Check will be stored securely and confidentially.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, any confidential information regarding your child will not be passed onto organisations outside those mentioned above without your consent, unless it is of a child protection nature; In which case information will be shared with the appropriate agencies.

I have read and understood the above and give my consent for The Hatchlings Nursery Schools to record, store and share the Early Years Foundation stage Progress Check with the afore mentioned services.

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